OC Road Fee Programs FAQs

  1. What are OC Road Fees?

    OC Road Fees are fees that are imposed by the County of Orange on new development projects, to pay for a portion of construction cost or needed expansion of offsite capital improvement projects.  These fees are implemented to help reduce the economic burden to the County of Orange in order to deal with the population growth within the area of benefit.
  2. How are OC Road Fees assessed and collected?

    OC Road Fees are assessed on a per unit basis for single family (SFD) and multi-family (MFD) residential units, and on a per square footage basis for new or expanded commercial square footage.  OC Road Fees are collected on new residential dwelling units or new commercial square footage in designated Area(s) of Benefit.   Cities shall collect road fees when a building permit is issued.
  3. Where do the collected Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) Development Fees get submitted?

    Cities shall submit TCA fees directly to TCA.  Please visit the TCA website or contact Greg Walker at envelope gwalker@thetollroads.com or Andrew Seibly at envelope aseibly@thetollroads.com for more information. 

  4. How do I know if OC Road Fees apply in my new project?

    To determine if OC Road Fees apply, please visit the Road Fee Project Criteria link below.
  5. Where are OC Road Fees applicable and how much are the fees?

    OC Road Fees apply in designated OC Road Fee Program Area(s) of Benefit (AOB).  Boundaries of each AOB include development areas which were estimated to benefit the most by the circulation improvements.  Please refer to OC Road Fee GIS map (link below) to determine if the project falls within an AOB.  Every July 1st rates for all OC Road Fee Programs are adjusted per changes made in the California Construction Cost Index (CCCI). Current rates can be located at the link below.
  6. What conditions are required for OC Road Fees to apply to a residential permit?

    OC Road Fees apply if the following conditions are met: the unit(s) contain a kitchen, living space and bathroom.  Studios where a living space and bedroom are combined meet the conditions as well and qualify for Road Fees.
  7. What if I am remodeling a home by installing and replacing a new kitchen, do OC Road Fees apply?

    No.  OC Road Fees only apply if there is an addition to the residential unit which contains a new kitchen, living space and bathroom.  Remodeling, including painting and new flooring, do not constitute the application of OC Road Fees.

  8. Are tax exempt properties like churches subject to OC Road Fees?

    No.  Tax exempt properties with a current claim form that must be updated annually are not subject to OC Road Fees. Please see BOE link below.
  9. How can I estimate the OC Road Fees due on my project?

    To obtain an estimate of OC Road Fees due for a specific project, please use the map found on our OC Road Fee GIS link below and enter the address of your project.  This map is a reference for estimating OC Road Fees only; exact OC Road Fees due for any project will be assessed at the time of permit issuance.
  10. How can I estimate the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Fees due on my project?

    For ADUs that are 750 square feet or greater, impact fees must be imposed proportionately in relation to the square footage of the Primary Dwelling Unit.  Please see link below for further description.


    A single-family dwelling unit is 1600 square feet and a new ADU of 800 square feet is proposed to be built; divide the square footage of the ADU by the square footage of the single-family dwelling unit ( 800 / 1600 = ½ ) and multiply this proportion times the current multi-family dwelling unit rate for the applicable Road Fee Program(s) to determine the fee(s) due. 
  11. When are Quarterly Remittance Reports Due?



    DUE DATE *

    First Quarter July - September October 22
    Second Quarter October – December  January 22
    Third Quarter January – March April 22
    Fourth Quarter April – June July 22

    *Due dates are subject to change to the next business day depending on if the due date falls on a holiday, weekend and/or other circumstances.

  12. What backup documentation is required to be submitted in Quarterly Remittance Reports?

    -  An Excel schedule detail of permits issued with permit numbers, classification of dwelling unit, number of units / square footage, address of properties and amount collected
    -  Copies of Permits issued
    -  Copies of Receipts issued
  13. Where do I go if I need more information?

    If you have additional questions about OC Road Fee Programs, please contact us at envelope OCRoadFee@ocpw.ocgov.com or at phone icon 714-955-0301. 

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