OC Facilities Maintenance & Central Utility Facility (CUF)


Ensures the efficient and innovative operation of County facilities through maintenance management services, after-hours emergency support, building automation and utility management. A major component is the Central Utility Facility, a combined heat and power facility that provides cooling, heating and/or electricity to 23 buildings within the Santa Ana Civic Center area.

Core Services

Central Utility Facility

Manages the County’s “microgrid” utility that provides a combination of electricity, cooling, heating and chilled water to 24 government buildings in the Santa Ana Civic Center.

Facility Solutions

Manages contract vendors providing maintenance support for County facilities.

Maintenance & Engineering Unit

Oversees proper operation and repair of OCPW facilities, processes customer requests for all County facilities and provides after-hours emergency services. Manages trade teams such as electrical, elevator, plumbing, carpentry, locksmith, metalsmith and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Utility / Energy Unit

Provides long-range energy planning, energy efficiency analyses and utility monitoring and delivers retrofit projects that provide energy cost savings for the County.