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A Message from the Manager

Thank you for visiting the Orange County Road Website

Connecting our communities… this is not just our Divisional motto, it is who we are and what we do.

We serve you, the residents and visitors to Orange County, through the safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout unincorporated Orange County roadways. Our professional staff of planners, project managers, technicians and engineers are working to meet your needs through the planning, design, construction and oversight of the County’s 321.7 miles of unincorporated roadways.

We serve Orange County residents and visitors through a variety of activities via our Capital Projects and Traffic Engineering-Road Programs staff. Within the Traffic Engineering-Road Programs section, Road Program staff manage the planning and financial aspects of the County’s “Road Program,” including the roadway Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and the County Operations and Maintenance’s Pavement Management Program (PMP).

Road Programs staff ensures our CIP projects meet the requirements of the County’s Master Plan of Arterial Highways, our governing document for the sizing (geometry) of our roadways, ensuring that our projects are efficiently planned and that adequate funding exists to build these projects when all permits and approvals come on line. The County’s Operations and Maintenance, through its Pavement Management Program, monitors and maintains the County’s unincorporated arterial highways and local streets.

Traffic Engineering staff conduct traffic and safety investigations to determine if traffic signals are warranted, if the appropriate speed limits are posted on County roadways, if stop signs are correctly placed, if parking needs to be regulated for safety reasons, ensuring our school-aged children have a safe route to school to traverse through the use of crossing guards at certain locations, and for any concern residents may have regarding the operation of County roadways.

Capital Projects staff includes the designers and engineers for your roadway system. They meet your needs for safe and efficient movement of roadway users through such activities as ensuring rain waters are removed from your streets via the design of improved water collection and conveyance systems (storm drains and catch basins), by reducing congestion thru adding lanes to County roadways and at intersections, by including on and off-road bikeways within your highway network, thereby promoting alternative modes of transit and recreation, by adding sound walls and other roadway benefits for the public throughout the County, and by considering the most cost effective and efficient roadway improvement work, thereby ensuring stewardship of your public funds.

As you embark on your tour of our website, please spend a few minutes and become familiar with what services and support we can provide you, our clients, as you travel upon the County’s roadways, bikeways and pedestrian venues. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit here. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance, as we work together in Connecting our Communities.

Khalid Bazmi, P.E. Manager,
OC Roads